2016 Year-end Newsletter

We celebrate 20 years of support and encouragement that Nilda Callañaupa and the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco have received from friends in North America. The results can be seen internationally, in the communities of the Center, and in the Department of Cusco where new groups of weavers begin to weave again with natural dyes.


As we reach the end of 2016, we  look back at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco’s extraordinary 20th year:

  • The work of the Center’s Education Department, funded through Andean Textile Arts, has brought over 200 young weavers from ten communities into the folds of CTTC, bringing the number of weavers to over 600 and direct beneficiaries to over 2,000.
  • Sponsored by the Aspen Institute’s Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, Nilda Callañaupa presented at the TED Talk women’s conference in San Francisco, themed “It’s About Time”. The Center, with the support of ATA, sold over $8,000’s worth of textiles in two evenings.
  • While visiting Peru, Dr. Jill Biden traveled to Cusco and met with the Chinchero Weaving Association to learn of the Center’s efforts.
  • The Center’s staff has been hard at work on Tinkuy 2017, A Gathering of Textile Arts. This four-day international conference will take place in Cusco on November 8-11, 2017. Along with Peruvian weavers, textile artisans have been invited from twelve countries.

During this holiday season, there are many ways we can light a candle, to do some good for the world. You may choose to educate a young weaver, to sponsor the travel of an international indigenous weaver to the Tinkuy, or to spread some joy in a village through the Center’s traditional chocolatadas. Join us in celebrating and preserving cultural traditions and providing economic opportunities to the weaving villages of Cusco.


Please contribute to Chocolatadas and other programs sponsored by ATA in support of CTTC. Go to our Get Involved page and click "donate". We and the artisans thank you. 


Read more about the Center's growth and how Andean Textile Arts continues to support the weavers of the Andes in our year-end news.